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Welcome to Paul Hanson​


About Paul Hanson

I live and paint in Saint Paul, MN.


I have three grown children, two green thumbs, one brown dog, a black motorcycle, a sweet wife, and a mean trombone.

Painting the human face is a challenge that inspires me. There are two challenges: first, to "illustrate" accurately enough that the painting looks like the person; but second, to artistically convey the dynamic spirit of the person, the emotion captured in that moment. I strive to create a painting that evokes feelings, whether you know the subject or not.

If you want to co-create a portrait that captures a special person (you or someone else), I look forward to getting to know you! You, and your awesome face, are so valuable.

Paul Hanson

GALLERY:  Art @ Dock 5, Northrup King Building

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