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Co-Creating Your Custom Portrait

How we can co-create your painted portrait.

The cost: After we communicate back-and-forth about the project, we will send you a cost proposal. The cost range is $200-$500 depending on:
- How many faces (two max.)
- Size of the painting
- Style you select
- Background complexity
- Subject complexity

The proposal will include an up-front amount (usually one-half), to cover time and materials. This is non-refundable.

I will produce one "study" (rough draft) and show it to you. With your input, the final painting will be created.

If you do not like the painting, you do not have to pay the second half. I will keep then painting.
If you like it, you pay the rest and I will ship it to you.

It will take 3-4 weeks unless I have a waiting list. Sorry, no rush jobs.

IMG_7529 (1).jpg

What photo works best?

  • A photo taken in strong light. Don't be afraid of shadows. Contrast adds to the realism.

  • Usually flash photos don't work.

  • NO professional portraits, head shots, church directory pictures, etc.

  • Cell phone pics are great.

  • Casual is better than posed. Candid is awesome. Hair that's not perfect is so much better!

  • Consider a photo where the subject is not looking at the camera. But a direct gaze is okay.

  • You must have rights to the photo, and give me the rights to it. (No professional photos.)

    Send me the photo, along with a few other shots of the person from different angles.

    Remember, the final product will not be a reproduction! It will be a painting. There will be artistic changes, brush strokes, lost edges, blurry parts. It won't look like the photo. It will look like a painting.

    Let's talk. Send me an email at

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